We are capable of providing best quality of Wheat from worldwide in competitive price and bulk quantities. We are dealing in A grade, B grade and C grade of Wheat which suits our customers and best for human consumption.

Corn offer

High quality and competitive price corn for Human consumption and Animal Feed

Soybean meal

We offer very high quality products with competitive prices. We supply our clients as per their specification and preferred packaging.


We can supply best quality Soyabeans in huge quantities, delivered to your ports. Very great Nutritional value of Soybeans.

Welcome to FIN - AGRI Holding Company

Providing you agricultural inputs for your special needs

We strive to build long-term relationships through outstanding service, while leveraging our considerable experience in the markets we serve.

For you there is always a good price for each type of product

As we are always working directly from a manufacturer, we can offer you a suprising price for various product in our range.

Our clients feel satisfaction when they receive ordered goods

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Partnering & Licensing


We are the most honest & professional management team in this sometimes ruthless business.

We believe that our people need to feel empowered to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. This is why we believe that being attentive and respecting helps us to hear what our customers really need. We also believe that as reliable partners we need to always keep focus on results - so that that we deliver our promises and help our customers to succeed. In this rapidly changing world to be a reliable partner to us also means to constantly keep improving so as to be in line with technological innovations in agrobusiness.