Metals & Minerals

Our portfolio includes a range of products to suit most corporate demands. The following products are offered under Metals and Minerals category:

  • Steam Coal
  • Iron Ore
  • Metal Scrap

We generally respond to buyer’s LOI with Soft Corporate Offer (SCO), which formally initiates the Sales & Purchase process.

Our SCOs and transaction processes are compliant to Industry Standards, Basel III and/or Refinery pre-settings.

If necessary, after our brief initial evaluation we conduct a conference call with the Buyer or the authorized representative (please note: any representative has to proof his authorization) before Buyer issues the LOI.

After such clarifications the Buyer issues a LOI. Then the Seller Group starts the due diligence of Buyer (such as blacklist, bank checks, licenses, etc.).
If this step is finished with successful results, we provide the buyer a SCO based on our fuel allocations including all necessary terms & conditions to conclude the transaction timely.

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